Little Birds Preschool  –  Stansbury Park, UT

Enrollment is OPEN for the 2023-2024 school year

Please message me about available space!

If you are interested in enrollment for upcoming years between 2023-2027 please fill out this Expression of Interest form to add your kiddo to my upcoming lists.

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Check out our NEW monthly themed preschool boxes!


These boxes are packed full of fun, Learn-By-Play activities, engaging curriculum, and cute crafts!

Available for single purchase, or subscriptions – shipping is FREE!

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As Seen On TV 


– Brittany Jenkins –


Little Bird

Little Birds Preschool is fully compliant with all rules, regulations and exemptions for In-Home Preschools in the State of Utah.  Tooele County Business License and State of Utah Business License are available upon request.

Little Birds Preschool is a current support member of the Tooele County Chamber of Commerce, and the Utah Association for the Education of Young Children.


 ** I do not give copies of, or sell my curriculum or lesson plans.  I’ve worked hard to write a comprehensive, fresh and detailed curriculum for our class and will only use it for my enrolled, paying students. **

** Because this is Preschool, Not Day Care, I do not give out my Social Security Number for Tax purposes.**


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