Enrolled!! What Happens Next ?

So you have decided you want to enroll your child in preschool – I am SO excited for all of the little ‘birds’ to join us this year!

Once they are enrolled, and we start classes in September, your child will begin a preschool journey like no other they could experience anywhere else.  I have so many fun things planned, so here are just a few things you can look forward to over the course of our school year:

1)  The curriculum is amazing!!  We will start in September and when we finish the year, your student will know the entire alphabet (including letter sounds), be able to count to 30, and know their shapes and colors!!  We will review everything multiple times and in multiple different ways so they remember what they have learned!   Its going to be an awesome year, and I can not WAIT to get started!!

2)  Each child will work on a “Preschool Portfolio” through the year. They will bring class projects home to add to it all year long!

3)  Each child is provided with everything they will need for work & crafts through the whole year!  Crayons, pencils, kiddy scissors, etc.

4)  Each child will receive their own ‘Little Birds Preschool’ T-shirt!!  They are SO CUTE!

5)  We will be going on a few optional, parent chaperoned field-trips during the year! One to the Firestation (in October for Fire Safety Month), one to the Planetarium at the beginning of the new year for Space month, one to the aquarium during animal month, and then another to Farm in the spring to see some cute baby animals and learn about farm life!

6)  Preschool Parties will be a TOTAL BLAST!!   We will have a party around Halloween, and a party at Christmas time!  At the Christmas party, The kids LOVE to show their parents what they have learned!  We also have a BIG fun party at the end of the year to celebrate our students Graduating from Preschool and going to Kindergarten!

7)  Throughout the year, I will take pictures to document all the fun we have been having.  At the end of the year, each child will receive a link to the video of all those photos!   A fun keepsake for them to look back on in the future!

8)  Starting in Mid-September (once we get everything rolling)  we will start our “Student Spotlights”.  Every week we will have a Student of the Week.  That student will get to present a little poster about themselves, tell the class a little bit about them, and then even bring their favorite treat to share!!   It will be a fun way to make each student feel special AND get to know them all better!

9)  In addition to our class work, we will have fun lessons each week on topics that range from the calendar months, Seasons, Manners, different types of animals, our skeletons & organs, the planets, science experiments and even the weather!!  It will be so fun!

10)  Lastly, Each child will have SO MUCH FUN!!   I am so ready to get started and get to know each one of the ‘Little Birds’ that will be in my classes this year!

I am happy to answer any questions you may have!

-Ms. Brittany-


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