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Hello everyone! My name is Andy and I am from England. I have been living and working in Japan for 7 years. I have 5 years experience working at an International Preschool. During this time I learnt many different teaching styles, techniques and philosophies, I also saw first hand which different methods were the most successful.

I have always been a fun, energetic and creative person but I never found a career that suited my interests. After being a careworker at the BBC in London, I was a kids activity instructor. It was during this job that I realized that my personality was suited to working with children and I also learned a lot from them too.

Using my creativity I have been able to make lots of different fun lessons and characters for my students to learn English with.... "The Bogey Monster", "The Alphabet Heroes" and many more. My most successful character has been "Mousey", if you want to see him please come and say hello!

In my spare time I love writing children's books and creating my own nursery rhymes.



創造力を活かした楽しいレッスンで英語を一緒に学んでくれるキャラクター("The Bogey Monster"や"The Alphabet Heros")たちを考えました。いちばんのお気に入りはネズミの"Mousey"です。ぜひMouseyに会いに来てね!