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資格 保育士免許

保育士として働いていた時に、日本の子ども達だけではなく他の国の子ども達はどんな生活をしているのか学び、自分の目で見て感じたいと思い日本を飛び出しました。そこでスペイン・アメリカに渡り子ども関係の仕事をしました。ライフスタイルこそは国ごとに違いましたが、やっぱりどの国の子ども達も楽しい時は〝楽しい〟!寂しかったりできないことがあれば全力で泣いたり... 何事にも全力で全身を使って様々な表現を見せてくれました。


While working as a nursery teacher in Japan, I felt that I wanted to learn not only about Japanese children, but also the lives of children in other countries, so I have been to several countries. I went to Spain and the United States, and I worked with children there.
The lifestyle may be different in each country, but children in every country show their feelings straightforwardly and always do their best in every single thing that they do.
Once again I realized that children's pure feelings are really wonderful. I love seeing children's smiles, so I want to make them happy every day during their school life. Thank you.

Hobbies: travel, photography, watching football (soccer), eating out