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資格 保育士免許



When I used to work in a nursery school, I felt satisfaction to support the children growing up. Even in that situation, I could not give up my dream to live in another country and get to speak English, so I moved to Toronto, Canada.
Living in a city called "Cultural Mosaic", I met many people from many different countries. There are different ways to communicate according to the country's culture, and realized that such encounter with people is a fantastic thing. I want children to enjoy the same emotion as me, I want to use my experience, and I want to support the children with my English! This is why I decided to take the TYCP course that I was planning to learn from the past.
I will give full support to the children's everyday life in school, by adjusting to each child. Hoping the children, which are in the period of learning many amount of new knowledge, to have fun living with English.

Hobbies: watching movies, DIY