Miss Brittany is always so cheery and happy to see the kids!  My daughter can be really shy and quiet, but Miss Brittany did an awesome job helping her open up and feel comfortable at preschool – And now she wishes she could go every day!



Little Birds Preschool has been terrific! My sweet Annabelle (age 3) attended her first preschool year with Mrs. Brittany. The curriculum must be outrageously fun because Annabelle is always so excited to go to school! I was amazed her being the youngest (but probably the tallest ha!) of the group when she started asking me all these intelligent questions.  Some of her first favorite interests were the months and what day it is! Annabelle knows what happens on specific days (Like tomorrow is Friday she knows mommy works, or her favorite tomorrow is Tuesday so it’s SCHOOL!!)  The most valuable part of our experience with Little Birds Preschool is that she teaches the exact way I would teach my daughter if I had the opportunity, probably even better. For my daughter to receive an education from someone who clearly cares for our children so much is just the best I could ask for!



Absolutely incredible! Brittany goes above and beyond when it comes to her little ones. She is passionate, caring, and influential. My little boy LOVES going to school because it is fun! Learning the curriculum through hands on activities, singing, and field trips as well as developing crucial social skills by interacting with peers. I am awestruck by her talent and ability to touch and educate these precious children! My son will be back next year for sure, as well as my other kids!




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